I am researcher based at the Asian Demographic Research Institute and IIASA. I am also a Professor in the School of Sociology and Political Science at Shanghai University.

Previously I worked at the Vienna Institute of Demography, the ESRC Centre for Population Change and S3RI at the University of Southampton.

My day-to-day research covers estimating migration and applying statistical methods to better forecast components of population change. This website contains posts mainly related to my research, including some information on my publications and use of R. The site is the successor to my WordPress blog which I had trouble accessing when in China.

  • Statistical Demography
  • Migration
  • R
  • PhD Social Statistics and Demography, 2009

    University of Southampton

  • MSc Social Statistics (Distinction), 2005

    University of Southampton

  • MSc Statistics (Distinction), 2003

    University of Kent