Migrant Stock Chord Diagrams

During the last few months I have given some introductory talks on international migration in Asia and Europe. I had a couple of requests to share the animated chord diagrams that I created for others to use in their teaching materials. These are below, along with some extra plots for Africa and the Americas (Northern, Central and Southern America as well as the Caribbean.) The chords in the diagrams represent the connection between the places of birth (at the base of the chord) and places of residence (at the arrow head of the chord).

Animated Directional Chord Diagrams

Background A little while ago my paper in International Migration Review on global migration flow estimates came out online. The paper includes a number of directional chord diagrams to visualize the estimates. Recently I have been playing around tweenr and the magick packages for animated population pyramids. In this post I attempt to show how to use these packages to produce animated directional chord diagrams of global migration flow estimates

ARDI International Migration Pillar

Exploring international migration patterns for the Globe, Asia and Shanghai.

Combining Migration Data

Combining traditional and emerging big data sources to model population. Funded by Der Jubiläumsfonds der Stadt Wien für die Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Global Migration Predictions

The Prediction of Future Migration Patterns for Improved Global Population Projections. Funded by National Science Foundation of China Research Fund for International Young Scientists.