Animated population tree maps

Background The global population hit 8 billion today. To mark the passing an absolute population total I created some animated tree map plots in R to visualize relative past and future population totals for all countries.

The evolution of squad compositions at UEFA European Championships

I have been playing around with rvest once again, and decided to extend some old code to put together a data base on the squads at past European Championships from Wikipedia.

Animated Sankey plots of global migrant populations

Background Sankey plots have been used to visualize bilateral migration many times. My favorite examples of Sankey plots for migration data tend to be when there are only few regions or countries.

Expand broom::tidy() output for categorical parameter estimates

Introduction The tidycat package includes the tidy_categorical() function to expand broom::tidy() outputs for categorical parameter estimates. Documentation For full documentation, see the package vignette: The tidycat package: expand broom::tidy() output for categorical parameter estimates

Global migrant populations visualized using animated chord diagrams

Over the last year or so I have been playing around with different ways of showing changing global bilateral migrant stocks, adapting the animation code I created for the plots for region to region flows in this estimation paper.

R code for chord diagrams of Chinese internal migration

We have had a number of requests for the R code to replicate the plots in our paper on internal migration in China. The code below will produce a similar looking plot, but I have taken out some of the arguments that were very specific to our plot that will not replicate well for other data.

Regional migrant population changes visualized using animated chord diagrams

During the last few months I have given some introductory talks on international migration in Asia and Europe. I had a couple of requests to share the animated chord diagrams that I created for others to use in their teaching materials.

Animating the evoloution of football kits using R

Background I’m loving the magick package at the moment. Reading through the vignette I spotted the image_morph() function. In this post I experiment with the function to build the GIF below that shows the changes in the England football first kit over time, using images from the excellent Historical Football Kits website.

R code for animated chord diagrams

Background A little while ago my paper in International Migration Review on global migration flow estimates came out online. The paper includes a number of directional chord diagrams to visualize the estimates.